Image hosting

The appearance of service ImageShack few years ago and an equivalent Flickr proved the necessity of such network services. But the inertia of thinking of most Internet users still not realized all the benefits that gives ImageShack, Flickr, PicasaWeb and many other image hostings.

Basically Image Hosting allows you to publish almost any images, giving users a place to store them and providing a convenient way to demonstrate. But the exchange of pictures has long gone beyond entertainment.
Today it has become imperative for the team of software developers who needs instant and convenient exchange of screenshots, designers who uses hosting images quickly having reviewed customers with options and future design changes and etc.

Image Hosting has great importance for bloggers, providing them space for photocasts and other graphic materials. Ordinary Internet users can upload an image to reformat it and use it to demonstrate using URL-links, placing them on forums, blogs, or just sending mail to friends and acquaintances.
The fact, that uploading pictures gives a network address is undoubted advantage of hosting images. Now users don't need to occupy space on their hard drives and keep working computer to provide free access to photos and images. Also necessary to consider security issues, violated the provision of public access to its resources. So, the appearance of resources such as ImageShack, was justified and actual demand.

Almost all photo hosting, image hosting shareware or freeware. Ie Some resources on board starts charged in excess of the volume of information space provided for the posting of images or Using an additional options for of hosting images (print images, photo processing in detail, gif-animation, etc.). And this is not surprise, because the modern image hosting service like a social resource, provides greater comfort with graphic materials wider audience in the Internet. But, like any network service, image hosting requires some financial support, which is provided on some image hostings to pay for additional services or partnerships with advertisers.

The main disadvantages of existing services, often discourages potential users are restrictions on downloading images, a requirement for registration, and not friendly user interface.

Image hosting doesn't have these shortcomings. Experts of usability tested service and found it very high functionality and control available for any user level. Multilingual interface allows users with the greatest comfort upload a pictures and convert it into correct format in one click.

Resize option allows you to create the right image format (100x75 (avatar); 150x112 (thumbnail) 320x240 (for use on a Web page or e-mail transmission) 640x480 (for forums) , 800x600 (applicable to 15-inch monitors) 1024x768 (used by 17-inch monitors) 1280x1024 (used by 19-inch monitors) 1600x1200 (used by 21-inch monitors)). Notably, that it's usually difficult for programs like Photoshop to convert GIF-files, but using image hosting the edit goes without errors and problems.
Uploading images to gives an opportunity to get extensive block of links to use: two links for use in various forums, HTML-link for blogs and web pages, one link to view the image on the and direct link to the image.

Of course, image hosting doesn't compete with such services like ImageShack, PicasaWeb, and others. But the simplicity of the interface, user-friendly options, the lack of required registration and other unnecessary things gives service users and partners new opportunities, which gives hope for a good and long term. We're also quickly and flexibly respond to any possible suggestions for improving the comfort and functionality of the service. - a resource for everyone, regardless of status and financial condition.